Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Roasted Guinea Pig

I didn't forget about this blog..... I just haven't been on a ride in SO long! It has been a little crazy for me this past month. After my last ride, there wasn't a scheduled Guinea Pig ride so I took the weekend off and used it to get things organized and packed up. The following weekend (8/24) a bunch of our amazing friends came out to help us pack up our lives and move us to the North Bay. It was a very long day, but we were able to get almost everything we owned into one 17' Uhaul. The next weekend (8/29-9/2) we headed up to Seattle for PAX Prime. If you don't know what that is, well, simply put, it is a BIG nerd convention. So anyway, its been crazy and I've been off my bike for a while.

Yesterday I joined back up with my SBB teammates for a ride that would take us up Alpine hill. It was a HOT one yesterday. I'm pretty sure it was in the upper 90's. Which, when you are on your bike, in direct line of the blazing sun, feels more like 110+. It was so draining being in the sun. So, with the heat, lack of riding and my unfortunate hypoglycemia acting up, this did not turn out to be a great ride for me. I didn't make it up to the end of Alpine, but no worries, I'll get there next time, when we do this ride in the Winter Series next year. Usually my hypoglycemia doesn't cause me to many problems, but that was not the case yesterday. I think that I didn't get enough to eat for breakfast, because while on Elena, I had to stop twice. The first time I just sat and rested a little, thinking it was just the heat causing me problems. But then a little further up the road I realized it wasn't just the heat. I hat to get off my bike before I passed out. I felt to woozy and shaky. Not a fun feeling when you are trying to balance on two very thin tires. So, Cliff Bar to the rescue! After that, I tried to take it easy and walked up some of the hills I know I can normally ride without a problem. But health comes first and there is no shame in taking it easy for that sake.

All in all, I still got in a good 28 mile ride. Every mile counts and gets me one step closer to my goals!

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