Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Out to Pasture... just for a ride

Today's ride took me outside of downtown Petaluma and to the surrounding farmland. I only got in a 20 mile ride. When I originally set out, I planned on doing a 30 mile loop; obviously that is not what I ended up doing. I'm still happy with the ride I did get in, I just wasn't really prepared for what a ride in the farmland had in store. The roads were not in the greatest condition and there was some pretty strong winds today. I did come to the realization that this is what it would probably be like riding back in PA. Which, surprisingly, made me happy I am where I am and can pretty much ride my bike year round.

I did actually stop to take some photos today, which is not normal for me. I've been wanting to get in the habit of taking photos during my rides because I get to see some pretty nice landscapes. I usually just don't remember to stop and get my camera out.

My next ride will be my first official ALC ride this training season. I plan on doing the ALC kickoff ride in San Francisco this weekend. Should be fun. Also, I get to met my cyclist rep in person.

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