Sunday, August 11, 2013

Up, Down, and Around the Quarry

Yesterday was our second Guinea Pig ride. The route was 23 miles long, but it had a few more hills than last weeks route. I finally remembered to use my Strava app to record the ride. I hit a max speed of 36 mph (on a downhill, of course) with an average of 12.6 mph. Not too bad since I was really tired when it came to all the hills. The sites on this route were well worth it. Passing the quarry lake on Stonebrook Drive when the sun is shining makes the pain of the hills melt away.

The new front derailleur seemed to work pretty well. However, I will need to go back to Sports Basement and see if they can make an adjustment to it. The chain seems to be rubbing on the derailleur when I was in a high front gear and a lower one in the rear. I don't know enough about the derailleur to make the adjustments myself. Also, since they were the ones to install the new part, they should be able to make the adjustment for free.

Next week is an off week since there is Training Ride Leader (TRL) Certifications. Several of my teammates who were first time riders last year have decided to become TRLs for this year. Should be pretty exciting for them and it will be great to have so many great TRLs in our group.

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