Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sonoma Co = 2 Rest of the Bay = 0

I got in my regular mid-week ride today. I didn't do my usual 20 mile-ish ride, I actually ended up only doing about 14 miles. There were a few factors that played into this shortened ride. For one, I think that I need to get my bike looked at, because I feel like it might need some tuning up. There are some rubbing noises that I just can't seem to figure out and my chain still hits the derailleur in certain gear combinations. Also I was feeling a little tired and slow today. And then to round it out, I ended up getting another flat tire. That makes it 2:0 for the flat tire counter (Sonoma County=2  vs Rest of the Bay Area=0). I am really not enjoying the roads around here. I've ridden a good thousand miles in the South Bay / East Bay / Peninsula without getting a flat tire. Then in the month or so that I've been riding up here in Sonoma County / Petaluma I've gotten two flat tires. Not so much fun, but I guess the practice for roadside tire changing will come in handy for future flats. I now need to hit up a bike shop and get some extra tubes, that was my last new one.


I ventured to Helen Putnam Regional Park, and to my surprise, there were actually some paved paths. It was nice to have a paved path in a park to get off the streets.

I love the hills up here in Sonoma County. I really enjoy seeing the various layers of hills in the landscape and you can just see for miles and miles. If only the hills were more green; there is a little too much brown out there.

I came across this little pond and water shed. I decided that it was a good place to take a little breather. So I sat down and enjoyed a cliff bar.

As I headed out of the park on my way back home, I came upon this little treasure. Yes, that's right, it is a PAY PHONE!!! :) Who knew these still existed? Just kidding, I know that they are still some around, they are just few and far between.


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