Saturday, October 12, 2013

Baby got some new shoes

Today I opted out of the GP ride. Instead, I stayed home with the hubby and got some very much needed cleaning/organizing done. Plus, I'm planning on attending a Hillz & Skillz class put on my one of my SBB buddies tomorrow, and well, one trip to the South Bay is enough for a weekend. After reorganizing and cleaning up the garage I decided it was time to put on the new tires I just bought for my bike.

I decided to go with something different this time as opposed to going with the same tires that my friend provided me with when I purchased my bike from him. I didn't really have any issues with the brand of tires I had before, but thought that I would try something new. I've heard people highly recommend GatorSkins, but I wasn't ready to drop that kind of cash on tires (they are like $60 each). I scanned over the SBB posts on FB to see any other recommendations and found that someone really liked the Vittorias. So, after realizing that they came in red I decided those were the ones. They also had many good reviews on Amazon (so my decision wasn't actually only based on looks, although that did play in to my decision).

GOODBYE Michelin Dynamic Sport.....    HELLO Vittoria Rubino Pro

Getting the new tires on my bike was a pain in the butt! It was not easy to get the tires to be round again after they have been folded up and flattened in a box for who knows how long. I was able to get the first side of the tire in but I needed the hubbies help to get the second side completely on. Unfortunately, when I got the first tire on I apparently pinched the tube somehow, which meant that I had to take the tire off again (at least half way) to get a new tube in. Not fun. The second tire went on just as stubbornly as the first, except this time I didn't end up needing a second tube.

I love the new red tires on my red bike! My baby looks good! I Just hope the red on the tires stays this vibrant.

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