Saturday, October 26, 2013

ALC South Bay Thank You Party

On Thursday I headed down to the South Bay to attend the ALC Thank You party that was being held at the Doubletree hotel in San Jose. It is quite a trek for me, so I made a day of it and visited some old friends while in the area.

Since I was down south early, I figured that I would head over to the hotel early and see if they needed any help setting up. Luckily when I arrived there was a group of the Cyclist Reps standing in the parking lot. I recognized one of them because he had been on a SBB ride earlier this year. I introduced myself and headed inside with them. A couple minutes later two of my fellow Blazers arrived with their Halloween decorations. We quickly got to work distributing pumpkins, spiders, spooky candles, various body parts in jars, skulls, etc. around the room.

They also had two tables set up for any new riders to be able to sign up for the ride as either a cyclist or a roadie at a discounted rate. They were able to get 13 new riders signed up at the event.

Once everything was set up I went and changed into my nice clothes. I didn't end up taking any more photos after that because I was too busy mingling. I had such a good time talking with some friends that I hadn't seen since before their ride in June as well as meeting some new people. I also brought my ornaments with me so I was showing them off and managed to sell about 15 during the party. So far my ornament fundraiser is going very well. 

The ALC Thank you party was amazing. There was such a great turn out and so many South Bay Blaze'rs were there. It was a great opportunity to meet many of the SFAF staff and all of the other cyclist reps as well as my rep. I left the party so pumped to be a part of this amazing event and surrounded by so many passionate individuals. Can't wait for the ride next year!!!

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