Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Windy Lucas Valley Ride

Today after work I decided to try a new route. I love riding around China Camp, but I wanted to switch it up and check out some new roads, so I figured I would head up to Lucas Valley Road.

I got in about 17.5 miles, which is not bad for a mid-week after work ride. I headed out of work and up to the bike path along the highway. When I turned onto San Pedro Rd, instead of going straight and heading towards China Camp, I made the left and turned onto Civic Center Drive. That took me along the highway and up to Lucas Valley Road. I liked riding on Lucas Valley Road. There was a nice bike lane and the road has a very slight incline.

I really wanted to work on my posture during this ride. I have been told that I look like I'm too stretched out on my bike, and I think that it is more of a posture issue than an issue of my bike being too big. I have a tendency to slouch while sitting so that translate over to my bike and I round my back too much. This causes me to stretch out. I feel like I did a lot better today and hopefully this will help make a difference in my riding eventually. I made sure to keep my hips rotated correctly and pull my bike towards me.

It was very windy out there today. I felt like every direction I headed I encountered head winds. This area is usually pretty windy, which I guess is good training, but it really sucks when you are dealing with it. Hopefully it is making be stronger.

I am still trying to figure out my GoPro and get the settings correct. I apparently didn't get it set to the right mode when I started my ride. I thought that I had it on the time lapse photos but I guess not. When I stopped to take a little breather on Lucas Valley Road I realized that I hadn't taken any photos. I quickly figured out that it wasn't in the correct setting. I set the time lapse to take a photo every 30 seconds. I think that still isn't enough photos, because I feel like I missed quite a bit of the ride. Here is the video I put together with the photos I did take:

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