Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spinning in the Castro

During Memorial Day weekend I went down to the Castro in San Francisco to help out two of my friends with a fundraiser for ALC. They still were trying to raise money to reach their minimums for the ride and I wanted to help out. On Saturday (5/24) I drove down to meet up with the guys. We got ourselves all set up on trainers and started pedaling around 11am. There were three of us on bikes and there were two other teammates helping ask for donations as people walked past.

(Photo taken by Jamie)

We had two donation boxes and it was interesting to watch people feel the need to put money in each box; others didn't care and only put money in one box. It didn't matter either way because the money was going to be combined and then split between Scott and Michael. The guys were informed that they would make more money the less clothes they had on, therefore the topless-ness. At one point, Michael had put his shirt back on and a guy came up, gave put $20 in the box in front of Scott, then turned to Michael and asked why he had his shirt on. After Michael took his shirt off the guy gave him $20. These boys had no shame in trying to hit their minimums for ALC. All for a good cause :)

It was a great day. All in all the we raised $510 total. We had many good laughs throughout the day and will have some inside jokes that are sure to be brought up during ALC. I'm so glad I took part in their fundraiser! Thanks for letting me join you guys!

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