Friday, March 7, 2014

Team Kit

It finally arrived! I just got to see my South Bay Blaze kit for ALC today. I love it! It actually arrived yesterday, but it was delivered to the front office at my apartment complex so I couldn't get it until the next morning. I had been impatiently watching the FedEx tracking number for updates. It drove me nuts because the package sat at the local FedEx facility for 3 days before they finally delivered it. Oh well, it is now in my possession. And without further ado, here it is....

 We even have matching gloves.



 Side View of the Bib's (Bibs are hard to photograph. They don't want to lay flat.)

Back of the Bib's

I think that several teammates are going to be wearing the new kit at tomorrow's ride. Should be fun to see everyone in the new gear. This year's kit is very different than last year's. I love the bright colors. We will definitely stand out on the road! 

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