Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nice Roll Through the Park

The hubby and I took a nice little ride over to Shollenberger Park today. My husband mentioned that he wanted to start up our Sunday mountain biking rides again, and today's weather was perfect for an easy ride. We did a total of about 7.25 miles. It was a nice flat ride which was perfect for getting him back on his bike.

I was so happy the other day to discover that there was a path that lead right over to the park from the end of our complex. This was perfect because my husband doesn't really like riding on the road (well neither do I on my mountain bike). 

We did a loop around the park and then took a side path that headed over to the Sheraton. It was nice to ride along the river and see all the boats docked at the Sheraton. As we headed back, it was decided that we'd do one more loop around the park and then head back home.

Once we got home, I felt that the bikes could use a little cleaning since they have been sitting in the garage since we moved here and before that they were sitting outside for a long time. I wiped down the frame and cleaned off the dust and dirt from the chain and gears. After the gears were all clean, I applied new chain grease. Now the bikes are all ready for their next outing.

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