Thursday, November 7, 2013

Back to Back

I did my first back to back ride on my road bike today. I realized that I've ridden two days in a row before, but the second day was always on my mountain bike. Back in April I did 70 miles on the road bike, and then 14 miles on the mountain bike the next day. The following week I did 80 miles on the road bike and 3 miles on the mountain bike. So today's ride wasn't a huge accomplishment, but it is the first back to back i've done since April.

Today's ride was another flat ride. I only did a little over 13 miles, but the fact that I got back out for a ride today is what really matters. Also, my route looks silly when I see it on the map now.

After about 5 miles I took a little break to stretch at small park near the end of Sonoma Mountain Parkway. I just realized that the park is so small, its not even noted on Google Maps. Not that that is actually important.

I really LOVE fall and all of the trees changing colors. Its so pretty up here this time of year. Now if only we could get some snow during the winter (although that wouldn't be great for biking). And yes, I know, just go to Tahoe if you want the snow. I don't want to have to drive to see snow. I just want to look out my window and see the beautiful snow on the trees, like I did when I was back in PA. It's just so peaceful.

Yes, I took a selfie. Don't hate me.

And, see, I wasn't lying when I said that there is all kinds of farm life around here. This little cow actually walked towards me when it saw me closing in for a photo.

I rode up to the Petaluma Adobe, but due to budget issues, the park isn't open much during the week. Unfortunately today it was closed. I'll have to come back on a day they are actually open. On a positive note, it lead me to another great view and display of the beautiful colors of fall.

I had a great ride today. Maybe I'll get out on my bike again tomorrow and go for three days in a row.

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