Sunday, August 11, 2013

Release the Guinea Pigs!

For 2014 training season, the routes will be completely new. Therefore, the group wanted to do a Summer/Fall season series to test out these new routes. We still abide by the ALC road rules, but the rides are not official.

08.03.13 - For the first ride we started out easy, with a relatively flat 20 miles. It was great to get back on my bike again. I even got my husband to come out and ride with me. He did really good for not having rode in quite a while. I ended up keeping a pace that was a bit slower than what i'm used to riding, but it was a good practice for pacing myself.

I was glad that the ride was relatively flat because I apparently broke my front derailleur. Not sure how it actually happened, but I realized it on really our one and only short hill on the route (on McClellan at marker 16 on the route map to the right). I gained some speed on the down hill to make it easier for the incline. As I approached the hill I went to shift into my lower gear and soon realized that nothing was moving. So I had to power through the hill on my largest gear. The funny thing was that I remember that about a year ago, this hill seemed so difficult to me and I actually had to walk my bike up it. I just powered through like it was nothing. LOVING the small VICTORY!

After the ride we went to my hubby's favorite breakfast place, The Original Pancake House. Nothing finishes out a great ride like from great food!

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