Saturday, January 25, 2014

Reverse Tiburon Loop

Today's ride took me around Tiburon, but in the reverse direction of the last time I did it. The route was slightly different as well. I always find it interesting when you take a familiar road or route and ride it in reverse. Sometimes it makes the ride harder, sometimes it feels like a completely new ride.

I started out slow on today's ride. First, I had to make a pit stop at the restrooms shortly after we got rolling. I also had to make an adjustment to the left hood on my handlebars. I noticed on last weeks ride that my left hood had seemed to had dropped a good inch below the other side. I have no idea why/how this happened, but it made it rather difficult to stand and pedal. I forgot to fix this last weekend, so I made a quick adjustment before heading out of my little pit stop.

Once I hit Paradise Drive I started to really pick up my pace. I could feel my body warm up and get back into the groove of things. I really need to make sure I'm getting on my bike more often as well as getting in some good exercise during the week. It really makes a difference in my cycling. I really miss doing yoga.

Anyways, back to the ride. I felt like I was really cruising along on Paradise Drive. I did stop to take in the view of the Tiburon Yacht Club and all the boats.

That would be the Richmond San Rafael bridge off in the distance.

 I continued on along Paradise, keeping my speed around or above 15 mph. I stopped about 6 miles down the road again because I wanted to take a shot of the view. I'm really trying to stop and take in the sites and get a couple pictures here and there. I figure that if I get in the habit of it now, then it will be second nature to me during ALC. I really want to take my time and enjoy ALL of the ALC ride, and with that comes taking photos to document my journey.

 Can you imaging living here and seeing the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge daily? Must be nice to have money for a view like this.

Here is my lovely bike at Shoreline Park. You can barely make out the GG bridge in the distance. It was such a beautiful day today! Perfect weather for riding.

The next stop was at Shark's Deli for our lunch stop. I got some good pesto pasta and enjoyed speaking with my fellow riders. The rest of the ride went pretty smoothly. I rode a lot of this ride by myself, which didn't actually bother me. I only have issues riding by myself when the distance is long, or there is a lot of climbing. In those two situations, I really struggle being by myself.

I didn't take any more photos, and nothing exciting really happened. Today's ride came in at 28.5 miles with an average speed of 13.6 mph.

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