Sunday, December 15, 2013

SBB Holiday Party

Last night was the South Bay Blaze holiday party. I had a great time celebrating the upcoming holidays with everyone. My drive down to the bay wasn't too bad. There was an accident that slowed me up a little, but I got to the party a little after it started. Walking into our host's house was like walking into A Christmas Explosion. There were ornaments everywhere!! His Christmas tree was white, upside down and rotating. It was covered in mercury glass ornaments of various themes. There were superheros (you might be able to spot Superman if you look closely), Snow White and Wizard of Oz characters, and a plethora of others.

 The mantel was decked out in Santa Claus figured and ornaments. It was an impressive collection.

This photo shows more of the Christmas Overload! I don't know if I have ever seen that many ornaments in one place.That is karaoke that is set up there in the middle of the living room. At first, only one person was into the idea of taking the mic.

But it didn't take long for the group songs to start. All in all it was pretty entertaining. I got some great videos on my phone, but to spare everyone from the "amazing" voices I'm not going to try to post those. I actually ended up singing one song. I took a look at the clock and reaslized it was already 11pm and I needed to get going, but my friend said that I couldn't leave until I sung one song with him. I went with an older country song. Good old Alan Jackson - Chattahoochee. Thankfully, there is no video or photos of this happening.

Oh and if you are wondering, that is Rudolph's but on that green sweatshirt. :) The front of Rudolph is sewn to the front of her shirt. It was bizzare and amazing at the same time. Everyone was so festive in their Christmas sweaters.  

It was a great party and I had an amazing time. It is always nice to hang out with these guys without bicycles being involved.

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