Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ready, Set, Start Your Garmin... GO!

Today I got an AWESOME present from my hubby. He bought me a Garmin EDGE Touring Plus!!! I'm so excited, I can't wait to use it! I've been eyeing it up for a while and was going to see if anyone would be selling an older Garmin model. I figured that an older one would be better than nothing. Garmin's aren't cheap. But now I have a brand spanking new one! YAY!

Now I will be able to pre-load our routes onto my Garmin and get turn-by-turn directions. Also, I can log ALL of my rides without draining my battery on my cell phone. I will also be able to actually log my ALC ride (there was pretty much no way I was going to be able to do that on my phone). 

I can't wait to get over this cold and get back on my bike. 

Happy New Years! 2013 ended with a good 1393 miles on my bike! Here is to increasing that number in 2014! 

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