Friday, April 11, 2014

China Camp, Times Two

I got in two rides this week after work, on Wednesday and Thursday. The China Camp Loop is the easiest ride for me to do after work since I can get through the 13 mile route in just under an hour. So no worrying about not making it in before the sun sets, or having to really think about or plan a new route. I also like this route because there isn't a whole lot of climbing but it also isn't completely flat.

Nothing much of interest happened during my ride. Here are some photos I took during my rides on Wednesday and Thursday.

 (4/9/14) This is the path that I take from downtown San Rafael. It parallels the highway and is all uphill from downtown. 

(4/9/14) Looking North on the bicycle path.

(4/9/14) Mount Tam off in the distance. The sights are beautiful on this ride around China Camp. 

 (4/10/14) I tried to get a photo of the wild turkey that I saw. Of course, just before I took this photo he had his tail feathers all splayed out. Oh well. 

(4/10/14) Here is my bike by the pier at China Camp Beach. 

(4/10/14) My with the pier in the background. 

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