Sunday, February 9, 2014

That's How I Roll

As much as I do enjoy the rain, it is really throwing a wrench in my training schedule. Last weekend I wasn't able to go for a ride on Sunday after the expo due to rain. Now this weekend it has been raining non-stop since Friday.


Technically my team was able to ride on Saturday, but I didn't join them. I was going to drive down there for the ride this weekend, however, with the rain I figured that the chances were the ride would be rained out. The night before, they were still planning to ride, but if it would be called off, they would post the message on FB no earlier than 7:30am. Well, I have to leave my house by 7am in order to get down there, so I didn't want to take the chance that I would head out and the ride get cancelled. I would have ended up driving at least an hour as well as the chance I would have already crossed the bridge (which costs $5 to cross). So I would have wasted an hour or more driving as well as the bridge toll. So anyway, excuses aside, I didn't ride Saturday. However, thanks to my amazing husband, rain is no longer an issue!

On Saturday, my husband and I went to Performance Bicycle so that he could buy me my birthday present. Yes, it's a little early, my birthday isn't for another week, but you won't hear me complaining. He bought me a nice set of rollers so now I can do some training indoors. It is going to be such a big help. I'm going to be able to hop on it after work and get some time in the saddle during the week. 

 They fold in half for easy storage. 

So today I had some time to try out my new rollers. I got some space cleared in the garage and adjusted the front cylinder to align it with the front wheel. I made sure to set myself up against the wall so that I could lean against it for support until I got my bearings and was ready to attempt this fully. I also brought down a chair to hold onto on the other side, but the hubby thought the chair was a bad idea. So instead of the chair, he stood there beside me to help catch me if I started to fall or veer off the rollers. Luckily, I never needed him (and I mean that in a good way). 

At first, using the rollers was rather scary and made me feel a little uneasy. It wasn't the feeling of pedalling, but not moving; it was the fact that one little wobble can easily turn into a big wobble. I really didn't want to go over the side. I kept one hand on the wall and tried to keep myself from leaning to much towards the wall. With the hubby by my side, I started to try to get both hands on the handlebars and get my balance. Once I did it, I wobbled a little but got into the groove. I was able to do pretty well as long as I focused and kept looking straight ahead. I have a tendency to look down alot, when I ride as well as when I walk, so I think that this will help break that habit (at least I hope it will).

I probably did about a half hour of riding. I know this doesn't really make up for the rides I've missed the past two weekends, but it will help. I'm going to try and do about a half hour each day this week. That's the plan, we will see how long I keep it up.

Anyways, this is an awesome early birthday present! I'm so excited to add this to my training regiment. YAY for rollers and indoor cycling!

P.S. - I do LOVE how cycling has become such a huge part of my life! It took over my Christmas (most of my gifts were cycling related) and now its taking over my birthday! ITS AMAZING!


  1. I was really, really tempted to go out and buy some rollers this weekend as well! How is the noise level on these?

  2. The noise level isn't too bad. They do make a little noise but its not very loud. I ended up getting them this weekend because Performance Bicycle was having a sale and they had an additional coupon for %15 off trainers.